Successful implementation of the Compass Asset Management System at ScotRail

03 March 21

Working closely in partnership with ScotRail, Tracsis implemented its Compass Asset Management System (CAMS) in November 2020 and the valuable benefits experienced from this innovative system were almost immediate.

A train crossing a bridgeCAMS works by allowing the complete visibility and running of the Service Quality Management Regime at ScotRail (the customer-focused scheme for measuring the quality of facilities at stations and on trains). The functionality of this highly advanced system includes the management of:

  • Locations and their assigned assets.

  • The Planned Predictive Maintenance (PPM) schedule for electrical and mechanical assets, helping to ensure that these assets are all serviced within their mandated timeframes.

  • Service quality regime inspections and demerit points for failures. It is also possible to allow external inspectors to access the system via APIs.

  • Quick and efficient recording of faults – via staff, the public or helpdesk.

  • The timely fixing of faults to ensure that they are cleared in adequate time for the next audit.

  • External contractors (who can have direct access to the system) and ensures the correct contractor is used for each specific job. Contractors are also able to input their own costs directly into the system, which are subsequently approved by the TOC.

Three monitors displaying software

*ScotRail are seeing numerous benefits from CAMS, including:

  • Significant time savings – External audits can be imported into CAMS quickly and easily. Previously, it took three hours per day for a team of six people to enter the audits manually. Using CAMS, it now takes one person just 15 minutes.

  • The ability to record more information about assets, locations, and faults – providing ScotRail with superior business intelligence that, over time will enable them to start predicting trends with faults and maintenance failures.

  • Increased visibility – Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) functionality provides ScotRail with a live view of the work in progress (rather than waiting for contractor data to be sent in). This allows ScotRail to better understand and control the progress of their PPM schedule.

  • More effective budgeting – In addition to increased visibility, the ability for external contractors to directly enter data into the system offers increased control from a cost perspective. Recording and approving costs against repairs and faults allows the TOC to accrue costs that are not yet invoiced, ensuring that there are no surprises and providing ScotRail with a more effective system for budgeting over time.

  • Better cost projections – Over time, the data being received from inspections, fault reporting and PPM should allow ScotRail to spot patterns within the issues being reported and allow for better cost projections.

  • Increased robustness – CAMS is cloud based which makes it more resilient and secure than their previous application.

  • Simpler user management – uses single sign on with a permissions based model to ensure the various types of user can only access data they are entitled to.

*Gary Moir, Property Services Planner for ScotRail Alliance

New features of the system currently in development include the management of condition surveys, dispute processes over any aspect of an inspection and the management of the asset amendment process.

A train waiting at a station platform

Commenting on the implementation, Gary Moir, Property Services Planner for ScotRail Alliance, said:

“CAMS has swiftly become one of the most important operational tools in our company. The user friendly application has also improved the day to day running of a geographically spread organisation, as well as uniting departments through a common work process and follow-up system”.

Neil Foley, CAMS Product Manager at Tracsis, said:

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with ScotRail to deliver this 21st Century System. CAMS will significantly improve the way the TOC manages its Service Quality Management Scheme. This delivery will not only help ScotRail to streamline its processes, but will also assist to provide passengers with an exceptionally positive experience”.

To find out how the Compass Asset Management System can add value to your business, contact for a demonstration.