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Day One


DayOne is a web-based and mobilised software application that provides real-time and high resolution train running information, delay attribution and capture and analysis of sub-threshold (small) delays.

Benefits of using DayOne

  • Increased revenues through improved performance
  • Capture all train running delays, from 1 second upwards, with extensive filtering to target problem areas
  • Improve data on causes of delay by triggering investigations in real time
  • Engage staff in delay attribution and investigation
  • Reduce delays having unknown causes
  • Make better decisions based on improved information quality

DayOne has a web-based interface, providing information where it is needed without the constraints of traditional desktop applications. It also has a range of tailored mobile applications for staff, delivering context-aware messages to staff whilst reducing information overload and also allowing staff to provide relevant and structured information back to the control room.

Train tracks.

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