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Over more than a decade serving the retail software needs of the UK Rail industry, Tracsis’ software has become the industry standard. We work closely with our users to ensure that our software meets their unique requirements. Tracsis Retail software is used right across the operator’s business, from the ticket office window to the boardroom, covering all aspects of the retail and accounting experience.

Staff performance, revenue analysis, cash reconciliation and barcoding are just some of the processes that our software expedites for our customers. This is a period of significant change on the retail front, and we’re working with our customers to add yet more functionality to our products to help integrate the many new technologies that are sweeping through the industry. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any requirements which you feel could be addressed by our collaborative approach.

Tracsis Retail Software Applications

Advantages for Train Operating Companies

  • Streamline the reconciliation of all sales,shifts, cash and banking information
  • Daily reconciliation
  • Exception reports, alerts and dynamic data searching capabilities
  • Manage the performance of individuals
  • Monitor sales equipment by highlighting potential areas of improvement
  • Data analysis to assist in the development of marketing strategies and their effectiveness
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