TRACS Enterprise goes live at Transport for Wales Rail Services!

21 December 20

Collaborating closely with the team at Transport For Wales Rail Services (TfWRS), Tracsis has successfully launched Tracsis Information Manager (TIM), a module of our revolutionary end-to-end resource planning and management system, TRACS Enterprise, into their Control Room.

A train travelling through a rural landscape

The successful implementation is a fantastic achievement and the culmination of over 3 years’ work by Tracsis’ highly experienced software development and delivery teams. It marks a significant milestone for being the first of the new Enterprise modules to be launched live into a Train Operator’s Control room.

The initial benefits TfWRS are seeing from the implementation includes the following*:

  • Facilitates prompt and speedy delay attribution – significantly more information is being recorded in the event timeline which is now also available to the performance team and users outside of control.

  • An increased accuracy in reporting – achieved by the ease of creating options in a template when TIM is used. There has been a reduction of around 22% in the number of templates used, and around half a day’s work saved in the initial creation of templates.

  • Time savings – planned alterations and road transport bookings can be quickly accessed on the day – resulting in time saved per shift searching for work completed on the previous day.

  • Safety compliance – the system has the ability to save hyperlinks in sticky notes. A link to the Defective On Train Equipment Procedure is saved to TIM, ensuring that Controllers always have access to the latest version.

  • De-cluttering the controllers’ workstations – the system allows the user to deploy ‘sticky’ notes to track their work in progress, rather than pieces of paper across their desks.

  • The increased availability of accurate information to the wider business (e.g. smartphone and customer relations). The previous system was not used outside control. However, all TfWRS users now have access to TIM.

(*Emerging Benefits Register)

A train waiting at a station platform

The deployment of TIM is exciting and one of many to come for our TRACS Enterprise clients. It will enable TfWRS to start using state-of-the-art messaging and communications features that are significantly more advanced than any current control log system in the country. The TIM system will ultimately be integrated with the TRACS Enterprise resourcing and control modules at TfWRS, creating an end to end, high availability stock and crew system that will propel Welsh rail services into the future.

TRACS Enterprise will provide “a single source of information” for TfWRS staff throughout planning and control, empowering them with the ability to make better informed, faster decision making and significantly improving performance and information flows to other stakeholders across the network. The system promises to revolutionise transport, giving train operators and their customers confidence in their journeys and plans every day, enabling TfWRS to realise it’s vision of a prosperous, resilient and cohesive nation – opening up communities and delivering the best possible travel for all.

Commenting on the implementation, Transport for Wales Rail Service’s Head of Current Operations, Gregg Evans said:

“We’ve been really impressed with Tracsis since adopting it at our Cardiff ROC earlier this year. It is an intuitive and agile piece of software that is easy to use and really speeds up our ability to log incidents and share information around our network. The web-based element allows live access for our colleagues in key functions and the fact we can attach documents and photos means we can offer a comprehensive picture of an incident, eliminating a lot of email enquiries in the process”

Transport for Wales Rail Service’s Head of Current Operations, Gregg Evans

Alex Sarginson, MD of Tracsis Operations and Planning Systems said:

“This successful implementation is testament to the dedication and hard work of our talented software developers and delivery team. It marks the continuation of an exciting turning point in the UK rail industry, demonstrating the benefits that new, state of the art technologies can deliver over legacy systems, both across Wales and the wider UK”

Alex Sarginson, MD of Tracsis Operations and Planning Systems

TIM Product Manager, Mike Holmes, commented:

“It was great to be part of the TIM implementation at TfWRS and the collaborative efforts made by everyone to ensure this innovative software tool went live smoothly. TIM has been really well-received by the TfWRS teams both in Control and across the wider business. The initial benefits we have seen are really encouraging”

TIM Product Manager, Mike Holmes

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