Performance Matters!

19 February 20

Do you find that at one time or another, your resources become constrained, which creates difficulties in effecting performance improvements efficiently resulting in poor passenger service and potentially damaging your reputation?

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Our expanded Performance Consultancy team (most of whom have worked directly for TOCs and Network Rail) boasts extensive rail industry experience – assisting TOCs, Network Rail and the Department for Transport in providing solutions to the most complex performance issues. We are available as and when your team need us!

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Did you know?

  • Our capabilities in this area are second to none. We are expert users of our own and many industry specific software tools, and are the trusted partners of many TOCs and industry organisations.

  • Our Bugle performance software is the most widely used in the UK – and our new developments, Marvel (resource diagramming validation and analysis) and DayOne (real time sub-threshold delay attribution), can help you to meet and exceed the industry performance outputs and requirements of CP6.

  • We have one of the largest concentration of RailSys specialists in the UK (outside of Network Rail) – who are ready and available to provide detailed analysis of your performance issues.

  • Our performance efficiency solutions can assist you with your overall decarbonisation targets!

  • Our friendly, professional approach has helped our rail consultancy achieve an NPS (Net Promoter Score) Score of 72+ which is ‘World Class’ service, based on global NPS standards.

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Do you currently need assistance with any aspect of performance on your network?

Click the below link for more detail on the benefits of our Performance Consultancy services in more detail, and contact our performance specialists at if you would like to discuss a particular issue or see examples of how our software and services have benefitted other industry stakeholders:

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