Introducing TRACSHub, the Tracsis DayOne Delay Reporting App!

11 May 20

Tracsis’ award winning real time attribution and sub threshold delay software tool, DayOne, comes with a really great Delay Reporting App, known as TRACSHub, for mobile device users!

Created by our talented software development team in conjunction with UK TOCs and winner of a Modern Railways Industry Innovation Award, DayOne can automatically initiate delay investigation as soon as a delay occurs.

The user-friendly mobile app prompts frontline staff to send concise and factual delay reports direct to controllers’ and delay attributors’ desktops, often within minutes, and certainly before they sign off duty. It reduces control office workloads, speeds up the delay attribution process and cuts down time-consuming delay report chasing by busy frontline managers.

A train waiting at a station platform

Connecting information in real time

The software provides a mechanism for gathering accurate real time information from station staff and train crews, which is particularly important for the rail industry at present, as delay trends begin to emerge from new measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Train punctuality is recorded to the second too, providing the data granularity required for analysis of sub threshold time loss and improving on-time performance to meet the exacting CP6 punctuality targets.

DayOne engages performance awareness of frontline rail staff by providing them (via their own mobile device) with real time information specific to the trains or stations they are working on, and prompting them to report any delays which they become aware of. Delay reports then appear instantly on DayOne‘s desktop message browser from which they can be pasted directly into Trust incidents, log entries and Bugle.

This enables TOC control offices to resolve more Trust incidents with Network Rail on the day, and streamlines the downstream level 2 delay attribution process for both TOCs and Network Rail.

Abstract image of train at station overlayed with geometric patterns and graphs

Promoting a performance-led culture!

Usage reports provide managers with the means to measure the level of performance engagement within the business, to give recognition where engagement is high and address areas where improvement is required. A DayOne App in the hands of frontline staff provides the ability to deliver vastly more delay information than current methods allow. For users of Tracsis’ Bugle software, DayOne data is fed into this overnight, creating the opportunity to analyse unattributed sub-threshold delay which traditionally accounts for up to 60% of all time lost. Tracsis recognises that the challenges facing the rail industry are continually changing and our software development team works closely with our clients to ensure that our DayOne and other software continues to deliver what end users require. Please click the link below to find out more about TRACSHub, which includes a case study from Southeastern Railway:

Click here for an overview of TRACSHub

Rail Performance Consultancy

If the challenges associated with the current economic climate are affecting the availability of your planning and performance teams, or you need assistance to realise the significant benefits that our renowned rail industry software solutions DayOne, Bugle and Marvel can bring, our rail consultancy performance specialists are available and ready to assist. With extensive rail industry experience, we can help with a wide range of performance and planning challenges to aid your business and drive service improvements across your network. Our team includes expert users of other industry performance modelling systems such as RailSys, VISION, OSLO and Trail, so we are able to respond to your project requirements with the most appropriate tool. Working in the areas of timetabling, resource planning and performance, our team of experts will apply sound operational principles and advice to any performance problem.

Interested? Contact for more information, to arrange to speak with a rail consultant or to arrange a demonstration of Tracsis DayOne.