Efficient and Integrated Path Finding for Rail Freight – A first !

03 November 20

Tracsis are proud to be collaborating with the Logistics Institute at the University of Hull on an innovative project for the rail industry to enhance an existing planning tool with a pathing functionality using our very own ATTUne software.

A freight train passing through a crossing

The Big Issue

There is currently no integrated solution to find a rail path between two points on the network that is both feasible with respect to rail infrastructure constraints (gauge, length, weight, etc) and feasible with respect to timetabling. i.e. no conflict with other trains.

As a result, planners must use several non-integrated systems and data sources and the process is reliant on the coordination of several organisations through manual communication and information exchanges such as phone, emails etc. This is inefficient and in some cases, the process can take more than 10 days!

The Solution

The Logistics Institute at the University of Hull has developed a planning tool, known as NR+ which uses various sources of NR data to identify compliant routes for freight trains, with respect to rail infrastructure constraints. An integration of our ATTUne timetable planning software with NR+ will enhance the system further by providing planners with the unique ability to generate feasible rail paths easily and efficiently – this is a first for the industry!!

This innovative, integrated solution promises to increase efficiency and accuracy in the timetabling process, whilst reducing processing times. It also creates a standardised workflow for the bid/offer process.

Furthermore, using this state-of-the-art technology to locate the most efficient rail paths helps, in turn, to reduce emissions, a key topic at the recent Rail Freight Group conference. We are keen to continue working with the industry to develop innovative technological solutions and support the rail sector’s decarbonisation initiatives as we look to the future.

“Tracsis aims to move the rail industry forwards through innovation and collaboration and we are delighted to be partnering with the Logistics Institute at the University of Hull on this important initiative”

Max Bladon, Principal Consultant and Rail Freight Expert, Tracsis plc

Max Bladon, Principal Consultant and Rail Freight Expert, Tracsis plc

The project is currently in its planning phase. To find out more about this initiative and how you can contribute, or the other innovative products and services we can provide to rail freight, please contact info@tracsis.com