The Tracsis Operations software suite provides a range of modules that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of UK rail operators.

Tracsis Bugle captures and analyses both the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of train service performance – how the service has been running, what has been causing delays, why the service is not performing as planned and who is best placed to address these issues.

Tracsis Log enables the Control Office to record and disseminate information in real time about any problems – whether they cause delays or not.

Tracsis Quality (also known as Service Quality Manager, SQM) assists in the management of service quality regimes, providing auditing software for mobile devices, improving data quality and providing automated distribution of management information arising from quality audits.

Acumen BI provides powerful reporting and ad-hoc analysis bringing the benefits of fact based decision making to a much broader audience. Acumen BI provides flexible reporting features and access to corporate wide data making it easier to identify performance issues and opportunities, and to investigate and monitor performance improvements.

“Tracsis worked closely with us to integrate our Control Log with our performance data to automate some log entries which saved time and reduced duplicated effort”
Mike Hoptroff
Head of Operations Strategy, Virgin Trains