DayOne is a web-based and mobilised software application that provides real-time and high resolution train running information, delay attribution and capture and analysis of sub-threshold (small) delays. Benefits include:

  • Increased revenues through improved performance.
  • Capture all train running delays, from 1 second upwards, with extensive filtering to target problem areas.
  • Improve data on causes of delay by triggering investigations in real time.
  • Engage staff in delay attribution and investigation.
  • Reduce delays having unknown causes.
  • Make better decisions based on improved information quality.


DayOne has a web-based interface, providing information where it is needed without the constraints of traditional desktop applications. It also has a range of tailored mobile applications for staff, delivering context-aware messages to staff whilst reducing information overload and also allowing staff to provide relevant and structured information back to the control room.

“This year I have been given the exciting opportunity to trial the new DayOne package. We are able to test the software in a real time environment. DayOne allows us to track real time, to the second, our train services and presents us with an accurate view of past and current running. Key hub stations testing the system can record real time causes of delay, allowing accurate attribution at the time of an event. Understanding poor service running is becoming a science, with detailed breakdowns of section loss and platform dwell, now visible right from my PC. Without trying to overstate the potential of DayOne, I really feel that on an analysis and real time tracking level, it is the most significant development (in a positive way) that I have seen in a decade”
Kevin Pantony
Performance Manager, Kent Mainlines at Southeastern Railway