Tracsis Rail Consultancy is a specialist in all matters relating to Operations Planning and Management.

Our services include:

Transport Performance Consultancy

Our Transport Consultancy team works with passenger and freight companies, infrastructure owners, government agencies, local authorities, other consultancies and stakeholders requiring professional advice on developing new train services, maximising infrastructure capacity and rolling stock and crew resource deployment as well as resolving train service delivery issues. 

Our team has extensive industry experience which enables us to engage with our clients using our own software such as TRACS Enterprise, ATTUne, Bugle, Centrix and DayOne as well as other rail industry software such as RailSys and VISION/OSLO.

We work collaboratively to apply sound operational principles and come up with cost-effective solutions which deliver benefits for you and the wider industry and ultimately result in better delivery of customers’ end-to-end journey experience. We can also apply these logistical skills to operations outside the rail industry.

Applications include:

  • Resource diagramming, including analysis and validation which enables resilience to be built into the train plan
  • Timetable and performance modelling which allows rapid testing of the performance of a combination of infrastructure, signalling, rolling stock and timetables, together with identification of performance risk mitigations
  • Analysis of timetables for inherent areas of performance weakness and identifying where extra resilience would improve delivery and defining service recovery plans
  • Independent operational review of key locations or along a line of route to identify underlying issues affecting train running, station operations and train service management
  • Business review to assess a company’s service delivery and overall customer experience.

For further information and an informal discussion please contact the team:


Client Director Alastair Morrison –

Head of Consultancy Ian Smith –

Principal Consultant Max Bladon –


Other consultancy expertise includes

Timetable Planning

Using a combination of skilled staff and software, Tracsis can plan timetables for anything from a single train path to a multi-year multi-stage train plan. We are adept at working with commercial and contractual specifications and one of our specialisms is the development and testing of timetables for franchise or concession bids.  We also offer experienced train planners on a contract basis, to assist in day-to-day operations or special projects.

Resource Planning

Tracsis has a long track record in delivering efficient and effective resource plans for rolling stock and train crew. Of course we primarily use our own software from the  TRACS product suite; by using software we can deliver outputs in a fraction of the time that would be required using traditional manual techniques. Use of software also allows for comprehensive reporting of statistics underpinning our resource plans.

Performance Modelling

Tracsis is a leading supplier of railway performance modelling, using tools such as RailSysTM, VISION and TRAIL to conduct assessments of infrastructure or timetable schemes as well as more detailed analytical assessments of running times, headways, junction margins and signalling scheme designs. We have a large team of specialist modellers with many years of experience and we are constantly developing new techniques and working with new tools. We also have a wide range of bespoke tools and data handling techniques which we use alongside modelling tools to deliver better, faster projects.

Performance Data Analysis

Tracsis uses data analysis techniques, supported by software tools, to conduct analysis of railway performance based on observed data. This includes network-wide performance analysis based on train running data against the timetable; more detailed analysis of train running at the signal-berth level or using GPS data through our DayOne tool or analysis based on observed data provided by our colleagues in the Traffic and Data Services Division.

Railway Signalling and Control Systems. Tracsis has a small, specialist team working in the field of railway signalling and control systems. Our principal specialism is in capturing and managing data associated with signalling scheme plans, and providing data preparation services for major signalling control system providers.