21 Feb 2019

The Technology Solution

As headline sponsor at this years’ 4th Friday Club Golden Whistles awards in London, Tracsis features in this month’s issue of Modern Railways with a review of our presentation on “The Technology Solution”

The rail industry is very good at producing vast amounts of data – known as a ‘data lake’ Our Head of Consultancy, Wendy McCristal, and Principal Consultant, Jon Owen spoke at the Golden Whistles morning conference to highlight the importance of processing and presenting this data in a useful format to enable train operators to make better, more informed decisions.

Technology is only part of the solution……shaping the delivery of the technology and embedding it into the organisation’s unique processes is the key to providing comprehensive decision support improving operations.

Read the full article by clicking the link below and contact us at info@tracsis.com for more information on how we could change and improve the way your business operates.

Golden Whistles Conference – Modern Railways