02 May 2019

Announcement: Tracsis plc and Bellvedi Limited

It’s all aboard for Tracsis & Bellvedi

Tracsis, a leading provider of software and services for the rail, traffic data and wider transport industries, including Train TRACS, TRACS Roster, TRACS RS and TRACS Enterprise, is pleased to announce that it has today incorporated Bellvedi Limited into the Tracsis Group.

Bellvedi is a UK based software company that specialises in timetabling software with its key products of ATTUne and ATTUne4C. Both pieces of software enable fast and sophisticated timetable planning, in Train Planning (ATTUne) and on-the-day Control (ATTUne4C), and are extensively used by Train Operating Companies, Network Rail, franchise bidding teams and rail consultancies for optioneering, planning and validating timetables.

Tracsis and Bellvedi have partnered on several significant software projects, with the ATTUne software forming a key part of the TRACS Enterprise offering, so it is therefore strategically important and highly complementary to the product roadmap. Ambitious innovation, excellent staff and excellent customer service are what Bellvedi are passionate about, and they have a strong focus on ethics both in personal conduct and the environment.

The only changes which are expected as a result of the coming together of the two companies are positive, including further integration of the Tracsis & Bellvedi software, as well as building on one another’s experience and knowledge of the markets within which they operate. Bellvedi will continue to work closely with their existing customers, maintaining the strong working relationships and attention to excellence in customer service and product development as before.

John McArthur, Chief Executive Officer of Tracsis plc, commented:
“Tracsis has known the Bellvedi team for a number of years and has worked with them closely on a number of key projects. Bellvedi has a great product and complimentary customer base and their expertise in timetable planning and optimisation is second to none. The ATTUne software fulfils a critical element of our TRACS Enterprise suite and coming together with Bellvedi allows us to create a more seamless product whilst also accelerating our industry roll out. We welcome the Bellvedi team to Tracsis, and look forward to continued successes in the future.”


John Bell, Managing Director of Bellvedi, commented:
“This transaction marks the start of an exciting new chapter in the life of Bellvedi and our products. Over the past few years, Bellvedi has established a reputation as a provider of first class software products to our customers, empowering the rail industry to push boundaries and innovate beyond the established norms. Being part of a larger Group will enable us to unlock opportunities that will benefit the UK rail industry and beyond.


Tracsis plc 0845 125 9162
Bellvedi Limited 02032 894 894