DayOne software is a winner

DayOne, the real-time software application developed by Tracsis, is announced winner of a prestigious Modern Railways Industry Innovation Award in the Operations and Performance category.

Datasys Ltd acquired

Tracsis acquires the software provider Datasys Ltd., which is a well known provider in the rail market supplying systems such as Bugle, Log and Office to train operators. Tracsis invests in a new phase of development of these established systems.

Rail and Bus Operations Division

The Rail and Bus Operations division of Tracsis is formed, combining the consultancy, TRACS and Compass operations under one management team. A new round of strategic development commences on the TRACS suite with the inception of the TRACS Enterprise project.

TRACS-RS Launched

The TRACS-RS rolling stock planning tool is officially launched. It has proven particularly popular with our own consultancy team who use it extensively to support our clients in developing new timetables.

Tracsis acquires Safety Information Systems Ltd

Tracsis acquires the software provider Safety Information Systems Ltd., which has developed the Compass software providing business management to transport and infrastructure operators. Since 2009, the number of Compass users has more than doubled.

TRACSRoster launch

The TRACSRoster product, the second from the TRACS planning suite, is launched and adopted by its first client. Most UK train operators now use TRACSRoster.

Acquisition of RWA Rail

Tracsis acquires the consultancy business RWA Rail, which has been providing specialist rail operations consultancy services since 1999.

Tracsis Ltd Formed

Tracsis Ltd. is formed as a spin-off from the University of Leeds. It has four staff and one product. Tracsis still has an office in the same building, although a few walls have been knocked through!